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Article: Treat and prevent "Maskne"

Hoida ja ennaltaehkäise "Masknea"

Treat and prevent "Maskne"

The name Maskne is used for acne-type dermatitis caused by face masks. Face masks create a warm and moist space on the skin that sensitively activates bacterial growth. In addition, the fabric of the mask may rub against the surface of the skin and thus cause irritation reactions. This irritation weakens the protective layer of the skin, which creates a gateway to bacteria as well as dirt. The moist air under the mask also prevents the natural cleansing of the pores, which makes the pores more easily clogged and the skin is exposed to sebum clots, wrinkles and blackheads.

As the protective layer of the skin weakens, the skin also evaporates a lot of natural moisture. Dehydrated skin often leads to skin irritation reactions, redness, inflammation, and rashes.

Maskne's symptoms include:

  • Redness, tightening, flaking
  • Wet pimples
  • Tallow blockages and clusters

The use of face masks becomes a problem with regular and daily use, as the skin is exposed for a long time to bacterial growth activated by heat and moisture.

In addition, if the face mask is not changed or washed often enough, the accumulation of bacteria in the mask creates the perfect breeding ground for acne breakouts.

Maskne is listed as a perioral dermatitis-like rash, so traditional and strong acne treatment products that may worsen skin symptoms should not be used. Therefore, especially avoid SLS sulphates, fruit and beta-hydroxy acids, enzymes and heavy exfoliation of the skin.

BiON Skincare - a professional product line specializing in the treatment of skin problems such as acne and perioral dermatitis. Our products quickly soothe the symptoms.

Here's how to treat and prevent maskne:

1. Cleaning

Bacteriostat Cleanser, an antibacterial but gentle sulphate-free cleansing gel, helps to quickly control pimples, impurities and inflammatory conditions in the skin

2. Hydrating gel serum

Maintain adequate skin moisture balance with a moisturizing gel, Deep Moisturizing Oil free Moisturizing Gel contains a high amount of soothing and repairing amino acids that strengthen the skin's weakened protective barrier

3. Soothing cream

Reduce skin pimples, inflammations and the production of rash-causing inflammatory compounds with the soothing Dermatitis Cream, which contains a gentle antibacterial effect from zinc pyrithione and green tea

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