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About our company

BiON, genuine experiences - real results. This has been our most important motto for over 15 years.

Our company Be More Cosmetics Oy imports and retails professional skin care products to Finland and other European countries. BiON products represent the highest quality of acne care products on the market, based entirely on natural and alternative treatment methods - the same type of products cannot be found anywhere else in the world. To this day BiON products have brought aid to thousands of customers and the demand is growing steadily.

Our company is active in beauty care, serving cosmetologists, educational institutions, pharmacies and consumers. We are training professionals for new and alternative acne care and we hope in the future to grow the BiON product line into a more recognizable brand, that is able to respond to the natural and especially safe acne and rosacea care needs.

"Our customers represent a group of people whose nature, health, safety and sustainability values are close to the heart. By choosing BiON Skin Care Products for your acne care you are part of a growing movement towards responsibility and awareness."

Our work on acne has brought our company a lot of experience to help and bring new care opportunities to our customers. For us, skin problems are not a taboo, but a chance to bring the help to every person in need. No one should suffer from skin problems, because we have the opportunity to find a solution together. Many of our clients have already tried almost everything, unsuccessfully - in this case, we already know that BiON will bring relief because the treatment is completely different from other acne care products on the market. Our treatment has no side effects to the body or the environment because the effect is entirely based on natural plant extracts - not synthetic or environmentally-burdened.

Thank you for finding our store! Let us know if we can help you,

Ville Isoniemi & Lilli Pennala