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Privacy policy

Be More Cosmetics Oy has a customer register that collects information about the company's registered customers and customers that have shopped products from Vito Beauty. Information is stored in an electronic register that is protected with firewalls, passwords, and other securely locked premises. Only the registrar, Be More Cosmetics Oy, and its agents on behalf of and on behalf of the company have access to this information by a personal license issued by the controller.

Registered customer has the right to check what information about him/her has been stored in the register according to the Personal Data Act. The registrar is also entitled to claim the correction of incorrect information by contacting the controller in writing. In addition, he/she has the right to deny the disclosure of his/her data, eg direct mail.

Privacy Policy in accordance with the EU Data Protection Act
Date of revision: 24.4.2018 - Last change 23.5.2018

1. Registrar

Be More Cosmetics Oy (Business ID: FI26016238)
Emmantie 5, 31400 Somero tel. +358 (02) 779 3600

2. Register contact person

• Be More Cosmetics Oy / Ville Isoniemi (responsible person)
• e-mail: ville (@)

3. The name of the registry

Be More Cosmetics Oy:n asiakasrekisteri (eng. Be More Cosmetics Oy's customer register)

4. Use of personal data

Personal data will be processed for communication, billing, information, marketing, business development and management between the person and company registered with Be More Cosmetics Oy.

We use your personal information for customer service purposes when you contact us, for example, to inquire about your e-commerce order status. We use your name and order number to identify customer and order. We will use your contact information, such as your e-mail address and phone number, to contact you for questions or for a case.

Once you have subscribed to the online store, we will use the information you provide to send your order confirmation and email subscriptions related to your subscription status. This information will be sent to your e-mail address given on your order.

5. Information content of the register

The registry contains the following data types:
Basic information such as:
• first and last names
• contact information (mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses where the customer can be contacted)
• Business ID (for corporate customers)
• usernames and passwords for this registry
Interest, profile and participation information such as:
• communications related to training and events
• communication and communication related to billing
• direct marketing permits and prohibitions
• details of the details identified above

6. Regular sources of information

Registered customer when starting a customer relationship or when ordering products from our online store. The registrar registers the data from the customers of the online store that the user itself declares when registering as an online customer. This information can also be collected through cookies and similar technologies used by Be More Cosmetics Oy on the web site or other electronic channels. Upgrading contact information can also be obtained from authorities and companies providing upgrade services.

7. Information to be collected when shopping online

When you order from or, we collect your personal information to deliver your products. Such information is the name, address, phone number, email address, order amount, and ordered products.

8. Data collected through the "My Account" section of the online store

When you register as a user at or (My Account), we collect the following information: name, address, login information (email address and password).

9. Information collected when ordering our newsletter

When subscribing to our customer-oriented newsletter, we collect your email address for sending a newsletter.

10. Data collected for marketing or customer surveys

When you participate in a marketing or customer survey we may arrange, we may collect your contact information (email address, address, phone number) for the delivery of a possible prize depending on the method of execution.

11. Information to be collected when using electronic services

When you use the or web site, we collect information on how to use the service. Some of this information may contain personal information, such as your IP address. If you are signed in to our online store to help you identify, we collect information about your use of the site (purchase history, browsing history) and we may also combine them with your other user information.

12. Payment service providers

We use external suppliers to process payments. The personal information that these publishers have access to are your name, address, and payment information. Depending on the type of payment you are using, you will be charged for a total of certain payment methods including the personal identification number or the last 4 digits of the credit card. This processing of personal data is necessary in order to provide the services you subscribe.

13. Contact services

We also use an external chat provider to implement the chat function on the website. Messages will only be saved if a case discussed in the chat session requires retrospective clarification. The conversation contains the following information: conversation content, country and city, browser, operating system, current page, and browsing history. The customer may choose to leave their own name and e-mail address. The information is retained in the system as long as it is necessary to handle customer feedback.

14. Disclosure of information

Personal information is not regularly disclosed to third parties. The controller may disclose information within the limits permitted by law and required by law, for example, to authorities and, in the case of recovery, to the collection agency. The controller may transfer the data of the register to a customer registered in his direct marketing registers if he or she has not been specifically prohibited by a registered customer (see section 16). Data will not be transmitted outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, unless it is necessary for the implementation of the service. In such a case, the controller shall ensure, by contractual arrangements, an adequate level of data protection as required by law.

15. Registry Protection

The electronic databases associated with the Registry are protected against firewalls, passwords and other external security threats. Electronic databases and their backups are stored in locked spaces. Only registrar and employee on behalf of and on behalf of employees have access to the information contained in the register by the personal license granted by the controller.

16. Inspection, prohibition and correction right

Registered has the right under the Personal Data Act to check what information has been deposited in the Register. The request for verification must be sent to the registry administrator via the attached form. The request for verification may also be made personally at the Registry Office at the address mentioned in (1.)

The request for verification shall be answered no later than one month after the request has been made (the controller may ask for this extension if the data are eg damaged). The registrar may charge a reasonable compensation for providing information if the registrar exercises its right of inspection more than three times a year.

The data subject has the right to prohibit the processing and disclosure of data relating to him concerning direct mail, distance selling, direct marketing, market or opinion surveys by contacting the registrar. The registrar also has the right to request correction of incorrect information or to remove his or her data by contacting the controller.

Registered users can block or remove cookies associated with the websites of Be More Cosmetics Oy and other cookies associated with electronic channels through their web browser settings.

We may make changes from time to time in this Privacy Statement. You can find the latest version of the Privacy Statement on our website.