Flare - up

It is normal that the skin may momentarily get worse before it can fully heal

When treatment really tackles the root of the problem, there may be a momentary “crisis” in the skin that leads it toward comprehensive renewal and healing. Only in this way the skin can regain the resistance it needs.

This stage is called the flare-up phase, which is part of our treatment. Flare-up may occur during the first days or weeks of treatment. However, for some customers this stage may not occur at all.

This condition occurs when impurities, bacteria and toxins rise and are released to the surface of the skin all at once, which, in addition to cleansing, triggers the skin ’s natural healing and immune functions. The more bacteria and the toxins are secrete in the pores, the more intense the “flare-up” phase usually forms on the skin.

In addition to this, the skin often regenerates the surface in layers, as the chronic inflammatory condition over the years is like “many wallpapers stacked on top of a wall.” Each layer must be carefully removed to give the “wall” or skin a new and even surface again. Symptoms may therefore include severe dryness, tightness, flaking, and hot redness, such as after intense chemical peeling. The skin has to biologically create these processes in order to be able to cleanse itself of these former, chronically inflamed cell layers (our products absorb the elements and building blocks skin needs to give it strength in this process.)

If there is a flare-up phase on the skin, treatment should not be changed or discontinued.

Individual symptoms include:

  • Impurities rise to the surface of the skin
  • Redness, heat, flares
  • Mild discomfort
  • Feeling of dryness and tightness (not actually due to dryness, but to the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and the onset of skin regeneration)
  • Light desquamation of the skin

    The condition usually stabilizes within two weeks of the onset of the flare-up phase. Addition of Refreshing Toner to each acne and rosacea treatment would be recommended as it helps to keep the skin soft and hydrated, preventing the discomfort caused by tightening.

    The feeling of tightness and dryness is not improved by a fuller or other replaceable moisturizing cream, as the condition is not due to dryness but to skin regeneration. Customers with this flare-up stage occurs, usually also achieves the best treatment results as the skin responds to the desired function of the products.

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