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Article: Hormonal aging of the skin

Ihon hormonaalinen ikääntyminen

Hormonal aging of the skin

The GERnétic International laboratory has been developing the Vital Transfer product line for several years, and in 2019, safe medical cosmetic treatment products based on the biological treatment power of phytoestrogens were launched in the product line. The Vital Transfer product line includes face and body cream.

GERnétic Vital Transfer is a new biotechnological and medicosmetic treatment line, the plant-derived phytoestrogens contained in it mimic the benefits of biological estrogens, such as skin plumping and brightening effects, safely and effectively. Developed for a precisely targeted clientele with hormonal changes and deficiency in the skin.

Estrogen is one of the most important biological components that maintains many skin functions, especially in women's skin. Its effect is at its peak individually between the age group of 25-35 years, after which the production decreases gradually every year. The production of hyaluronic acid in the skin and the formation and strength of elastic fibers are linked to the amount of estrogen in the receptors of the skin. When estrogen levels drop, the skin loses its elasticity and thickness. The skin also often develops sensitivity as a result of thinning, which often leads to couperotic changes.

Science has long shown that estrogen plays a vital role in supporting collagen throughout the body. Collagen is the main connective tissue that holds us together. It is a vital part of most body structures and plays a major role in supporting skin, muscle tissue and bone. Estrogen supports collagen through receptors. These receptors are like little "locks" found around the body that are activated by "keys": that is, estrogen molecules.

Receptors are known to exist in the body, and facial skin has more estrogen receptors than many other parts of the body. This is also shown by the "glow" of women's faces during hormonal vitality and peak.

What are the phytoestrogens used in the products?
Phytoestrogens are plant-derived hormone-mimetic molecules that are structurally similar to human estrogen and offer a safe and effective way to maintain and restore skin benefits. Phytoestrogens have been studied for over 50 years and are used in medicine, e.g. for treating wounds, recovering from cancer and they are also key elements of a healthy diet.

The GERnétic Vital Transfer product line is one of the first professional-level skin care lines that focuses on the bioactive treatment power of phytoestrogens and slowing down hormonal skin changes.

Phytoestrogens extracted from plants (clover, hops, soy)

  • Stimulate collagen production, strength and quantity

  • Activate the production of biological hyaluronic acid and the thickness of the cell medium (a juicy component that gives our skin both glow and fullness)

  • Maintain skin elasticity

  • They protect the skin against photoaging

  • Accelerate wound healing

  • Act anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, soothing skin discomfort, redness and vasodilation

How do you recognize signs of estrogen deficiency or menopause on the skin?

  • Severe dryness of the skin and mucous membranes

  • Loss of density and thickness

  • Skin sagging and loss of elasticity

  • Sensitization, reactions, flushing and vasodilation

  • Ulcers and skin damage heal more slowly

  • Bruising sensitivity of the skin

  • Liver spots and pigment changes

The products of the Vital Transfer product line help significantly to calm skin vasodilation and couperosa. The products are enriched with vasoprotective and bioactive ingredients that help restore a soothing feeling to the skin, while protecting microcirculation. The vaso-protective properties target the fine capillaries of the skin, preventing their fragility and significantly helping to reduce facial redness, i.e. couperosa.

In addition to plant-derived phytoestrogens, the products in the product line contain a large amount of skin-natural components that help stimulate skin functions and strengthen biological protection

Native marine collagen
It is the latest achievement of biotechnological science, because these active forms of collagen have not been used before: the molecular structure of collagen is large and difficult to absorb, which is why it has not previously had an active effect in local skin care. Soluble native collagen-based peptides form helices in their native form, which are widely absorbed by the skin and provide full bioactive benefits.

The amount of squalane biologically produced and stored by the skin decreases significantly with aging. Its production peaks in the teenage years and gradually begins to decline thereafter; already after the age of 20, when without treatment the skin becomes rough, dry and vulnerable over time. The weightless ingredient instantly hydrates the skin and locks in essential moisture (prevents transepidermal moisture loss, i.e. TEWL) Squalane is biologically the best lubricating moisturizer - and the skin knows it best.

A bioactive lipid mediator
Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Analog , evokes specific responses in different cell types. Promotes, among other things, the function and survival of endothelial cells.

Fatty acids
Prebiotic fatty acids that strengthen and lubricate the skin's lipid protection: Sacha Inchi, borage, evening primrose, luffa, almond, avocado and extracted from shea butter.

Creams from the Vital Transfer product line are suitable for all skin types with hormonal deficiency or hormonal aging due to menopause. Younger customers also get full benefit from the products, for example, pcos, premature menopause or other disease affecting the ovaries/hormonal function lowers the body's estrogen levels and thus also the skin receptors. The products are also recommended to support hormonal aging and menopause (i.e. menopause), to maintain the skin's youthfulness and radiance.

The creams restore the skin's juicy "dewy" fullness, flexibility and elasticity. At the same time, they soothe redness and uneven skin tone and pigment changes on the skin.

Vital Transfer Visage - dermocosmetic cream has been developed based on GERnétic International's exclusive and advanced phytoestrogen technology. Contains peptides, proteins and nourishing ingredients to support skin elasticity and reverse the signs of hormonal aging. Bring out the facial lines and silhouette. The delicious composition of the cream and its carefully selected effective ingredients leave the skin juicy and plump.

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