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Article: High-quality sun protection

Korkealuokkaista suojaa auringon säteilyltä

High-quality sun protection

Spring brings the delightful sun with it, and when the UV radiation rises to > 2 index, it's time to use high-quality sunscreen at the latest. More than 90% of premature skin damage and aging changes are connected to the sun's harmful radiation.

When you choose sunscreen to treat your face, the best treatment effect and protection is achieved with sunscreens that combine high-quality UVA / UVB protection and skin care properties. This way you protect your skin from harmful radiation and the cream's other active ingredients help repair, protect and maintain the skin's resistance throughout the day. These products are also excellent for sensitive skin and acne-prone skin types, as the formulation always takes into account the sensitive needs of the face and the ingredients are anti-comedogenic.

Sunscreen products enhanced with antioxidants bring significantly more anti-carcinogenic protection to the skin. Antioxidants also prevent the effect of air pollution, soothe the skin, actively repair sun damage and bring a vibrant brightness to the skin. In addition to this, antioxidants stabilize the function of UV filters.

In our skin care sun protection products, you will find a versatile cocktail of bioactive antioxidants: green tea polyphenols and vitamins C and E.

All the Sunscreen products of professional cosmetics in our online store have been developed especially for facial skin care and protection, but they can also be effectively used on the whole body.

Dermocosmetic Melano sunscreen products from GERnétic International are clinically and dermatologically tested. High-quality French formulations create a deeply moisturized and soft feeling on the skin for the whole day. They are also perfectly suited as a make-up base. Three sun protection factors, SPF 15 (medium), SPF 30 (high) and SPF 50 (very high)

BiON Skincare physical sunscreens have been developed for year-round day cream use. Cream bases do not leave a white film, cloudiness or grayness on the skin. The products contain a high SPF 35 protection factor, the product is also available in a lightly tinted version.

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