BiON Skincare

Post Waxing Lotion


Dead skin cells may clog the hair follicle mouth, preventing new hair from growing freely; symptoms may include itchy skin, inflamed pimples and ingrown hairs. Dry skin is the biggest cause of ingrown hairs. The treatment liquid effectively exfoliates the skin without drying out the skin. The skin calms down in an instant and the ingrown hairs get a relief - the result is more beautiful and smoother skin, without inflammation and pimples. 6 in 1 treatment effect.

• Suitable after all types of hair removal systems for the whole body area: shaving, epilation, sugaring and waxing

• Exfoliates a dead skin cell layers, keeping the hair follicle open to new hair

• Anti-inflammatory effect soothes the skin after hair removal as well as any inflammation

• Antibacterial effect prevents the formation of bacterial infections

• Helps to effectively dissolve excess sebum, blockages and acne bacteria from the follicles without drying the skin

• Prevents and corrects the formation of pigment changes after inflammation

• Corrects post-inflammatory scarring

Inhibiting the development of in-grown hairs after waxing and shaving is essential for your clients. Post Waxing Lotion will prevent the development of inflammation and in-grown hairs by weakening hair follicles and exfoliating the skin. Apply this phenomenal product after waxing to treat and prevent razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) that develop after shaving.
Start using the product 2-3 days before hair removal and continue use 2 times a day for about two days after hair removal. Developed for the treatment of body and beard area.
Lactic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil

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