BiON Skincare

Pomegranate Papaya Enzyme Treatment - sample


Effective bioactive combination of fruit enzymes helps to dissolve dead cell layers that cause dullness and surface-dry skin, immediately exposing a new and radiant layer of skin underneath. The mask contains a high amount of skin rejuvenating plant extracts and moisturizing ingredients that take care of the skin’s softness and well-being. Restores immediate glow to the skin, deeply cleanses pores from blockages, blackheads and impurities, soothes acne infections and significantly repairs pigment spots.

• Probiotic and fermented fruit bases contain live lactic acid bacteria that are good for the skin and helps to strengthen the skin’s natural resistance and microbiome

• A gentle and effective combination of fruit enzymes helps to dissolve dead skin cell layers, revealing a new radiant skin layer underneath

• Powerful microalgae-based antioxidant astaxanthin protects and repairs skin from UV damage, inflammation and acne damage

• Phytic acid helps to smooth and repair skin pigment changes

• Luteolin compound contained in the antioxidant-rich passionflower provides an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

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