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Naturally Clean Body Wash


Experience the perfect aromatherapy shower moment evoked by eucalyptus and lemon. 100% plant-based and antibacterial shower gel pampers and cleanses the skin of the body with a combination of five essential oils (eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit, lime, ylang-ylang). The low- foaming, anti-inflammatory gel with moisturizing sugar-based surfactants is also suitable for very dry, irritated and atopic skin. The perfect product for the treatment of body acne and for active sport people.

  • Zinc, which strengthens skin’s biological immunity, helps to speed up the natural defense processes against acne, soothe deep acne infections and prevent the acne damage
  • Antioxidant-rich apple extract protects and repairs the skin from external damage factors. Contains naturally high amounts of vitamins as well as gentle, skin rejuvenating and brightening enzymes that prevent the formation of dry skin surface
  • Hydrolyzed oat proteins maintain a skin- protective lipid layer as well as skin elasticity and moisture balance
  • Moisturizing sugar cane contains an naturally antiseptic effect that inhibits the production of inflammatory compounds, histamine production and bacterial growth
  • Polyhydroxy acid gluconolactone maintains skin regeneration, smooth surface texture and tone, while significantly enhancing the ability of HA molecules to bind moisture to the skin cells
Naturally Clean Body Wash is an antibacterial wash for daily use on all skin types. It is a superior cleanser for sports minded adults and effectively helps to control body acne. The natural antioxidant benefits of citrus peel and green tea extract work with Vitamin B5 to counteract surface bacteria and help soothe skin irritation. Naturally Clean provides mild exfoliation, sebum control and improved skin tone. The addition of 8 essential oils moisturizes the skin while you cleanse. The clean and refreshing citrus aroma creates a pleasurable shower experience. pH 4.5
Apply to damp skin and lather. For best results, use a washcloth or sponge. Rinse and dry. Finish the treatment with Naturally Soft Body Lotion.
Green Tea Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Zinc Gluconate, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Panthenol

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