BiON Skincare

Line Reducing Complex - sample


The special cream combines an intelligent peptide-based “blur” effect that relaxes superficial facial lines and creates a beautiful smooth soft-focus effect on the skin. The active ingredients of the cream revitalize the slowed down cell functions. The slightly cooling and fluid circulation - activating effect immediately restores the skin’s brightness and even texture. By minimizing the formation of superficial facial lines, the skin looks youthful radiant, and refreshed.

• Relaxing acetyl hexapeptides reduces muscle contractions, preventing this way the formation of expression wrinkles and fine lines

• Palmityltripeptide is a cellular communicating ingredient that activates skin collagen production and helps maintain skin elasticity and fullness

• Gentle cooling actives enhance fluid circulation, reduces swelling on the face and the feeling of congestion

• Effective antioxidant gotu gola (cica) helps to firm the skin by activating skin regenerating functions

• Unique sea fennel offers a wide range of benefits and its effects are very similar to those of vitamin A: stimulates skin cell renewal, activates collagen production and balances skin tone and texture

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