BiON Skincare

Glycolic Cleanser - sample


The perfect cleanser for dull, uneven, oily, or combination skin prone to impurities. The fruity cleansing gel contains 3% AHA glycolic acid, which exfoliates the dead cells that clog the skin and deeply cleanse the pores of sebum and bacteria. The plant extract composition regenerates and brightens the skin, and cleanses the impurities and pollutants accumulated during the day. The skin becomes immediately brighter and more vibrant. Naturally antibacterial ingredients are effective in preventing the formation of impurities. Thanks to its unique exfoliating effect, the antioxidant-rich composition evens out the skin’s texture, uneven tone and enlarged pores.

• Astringent nettle balances skin functions, soothes skin irritations and prevents the formation of impurities

• Grapefruit, lime and orange act as an antioxidant-rich vitamin C bomb, bringing new brightness and balance to the skin

• Polyhydroxy acid gluconolactone maintains skin regeneration, smooth texture and tone

• Algae extract and glycerin effectively binds moisture to the skin, preventing the formation of surface dryness

• Sugar cane-based, hydrating AHA-glycolic acid (3%) exfoliates, regenerates and deeply cleanses the skin and pores

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