BiON Skincare

Collagen Revival Serum - sample


Liposome-based serum that acts at the cellular level, effectively activating collagen, elastin and cytokine synthesis, which maintains a strong and elastic structure of the skin. The perfectly hydrating serum restores firmness to the skin as well as the moisture balance of the skin cells, bringing a glowing and even fullness to the face. The high amount of trace elements maintains the skin’s natural resistance and prevents sensitivity and redness.

• Versatile and compacted HA complex reduces wrinkles due to dryness as well as fine lines, flaking and dehydration of the skin

• Vitamins A, C and E activates the skin cell renewal, soothe skin tone and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and cytokines, effectively repairing aging changes

• Repairing trace elements - and minerals; Zinc, calcium and magnesium maintain a healthy biochemical balance of the skin and strengthen the natural resistance against inflammation and skin irritations

• Humectant phospholipids, which are naturally present on the skin, lock moisture in the skin and protect the skin from external stressors such as; wind, sun, pollution and chemicals. Phospholipids stimulate the production of type 1 ceramides

• Powerful antioxidant green tea effectively neutralizes free radicals and premature aging changes caused by oxidative stress

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