BiON Skincare

Bio-Essence Calcium Complex - sample


Nourishing face cream developed to soothe and combat the most common signs of sensitive skin - irritation, redness, erythema, dryness, and tightness. The versatile lipid composition contains prebiotic omega fatty acids for the skin, which maintain the softness of the skin and reduce irritation and inflammatory reactions. A fast-absorbing face cream helps to restore a harmonious moisture balance to dry skin.

  • Soothing and calming vitamins B5 and E maintain skin softness and prevent dryness
    and flaking
  • Zinc strengthens skin’s biological immunity, helps to speed up the natural defense processes and soothe inflammatory conditions
  • Oat based beta-glucan lubricates the protective lipidid layer, preventing moisture evaporation and maintaining skin softness
  • Calcium and Vitamin D acts in neurosensoric way, immediately calming the skin’s discomfort (couperosa, redness, heat, tightness) and stimulating skin cell regeneration within 36H and activating collagen and elastin production

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