BiON Skincare

Bacteriostat Cleanser - sample


Developed for the treatment of inflamed acne and acne rosacea. The precisely formulated plant extract-combination effectively fights against acne bacteria, preventing their function and spread in the skin pores. The versatile herbal composition prevents the acne-promoting effect in the sebaceous glands. Effectively combats the formation of papules, pustules, flare-ups, erythema, as well as swelling due to inflammation and any painful pressure in the pores. Balances the natural rhythm of sebum production.

• Licorice has a calming effect on inflammation, erythema and skin irritations

• The anti-inflammatory turmeric and its soothing curcumin content inhibits the action of the acne-promoting 5 alpha- reductase enzymes and inflammation on the skin, while preventing the formation of pigment changes and scars after inflammation

• Antibacterial and antiseptic oregano inhibits histamine reactions and interleukin-6 function, and acts as a maximal ingredient destroying the p.acnes bacteria

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