BiON Skincare

Cucumber Scrub


Physically exfoliating scrub that makes the skin feel smooth and soft. The jojoba beads contained in the gel exfoliate dead skin cells and sebum accumulated in the pores, exposing clean and radiant skin from underneath in just a few seconds. Promotes blood circulation and oxygen uptake, which further accelerates the purification of toxins and impurities. An excellent scrub for a dull, impure and easily clogged combination skin.

  • Flavonoids in chamomile soothe skin irritations, inflammations and prevent aging changes caused by free radicals

  • Soothing cucumber extract is rich in natural vitamins, protective antioxidants and moisturizing sugars

  • Aloe Vera effectively binds moisture to the skin and soothes the tight feeling of dry skin
  • Natural moisturizing factor sorbitol prevents transepidermal water loss

Cucumber Scrub is for normal to oily skin types and cleanses while providing invigorating jojoba exfoliation. The cucumber is an anti-inflammatory ingredient with softening, astringent and refreshing actions that contains amino acids to strengthen the acid mantle. pH 3.3 Invigorating jojoba for medium exfoliation Promotes healing and reduces bacteria on skin Removes cellular debris
Exfoliate the skin once or twice a week. Apply to damp, cleansed skin and rub gently avoiding the skin around the eyes. Rinse.
Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber Extract, Vegetable Glycerin

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