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Article: Soothing Multi Cream, a multifunctional product for sensitive and dry skin

Soothing Multi Cream, herkän ja kuivan ihon monitoimituote
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Soothing Multi Cream, a multifunctional product for sensitive and dry skin

Is your skin sensitive, dry, irritated and red? Skin sensitivity conditions are often caused by a weakened protective wall, i.e. the protective barrier. Sensitive skin is not actually a skin type, but an imbalance that can be controlled with the right care products.

BiON Skincare has developed an effective multifunctional product for the reconstruction and soothing of sensitive skin, Soothing Multi Cream - Cleanser & Mask, which can be used as a gentle facial cleansing cream as well as a nourishing face mask and treatment balm. With this one product, you can customize a rehabilitative intensive treatment for your skin, with which you can control skin dryness and sensitivity conditions.

Soothing Multi Cream contains a high concentration of researched bio-mimetic fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans that activate the repair of the skin's protective barrier. At the same time, the cream contains plant extracts that act as an anti-inflammatory, soothing skin itching, discomfort and redness.

When the skin's protective barrier is damaged, there are microscopic cracks in the skin's protective layer that evaporate moisture from the skin and allow external stimuli and bacteria into the skin. This raises inflammation, redness, irritation and burning in the skin. Soothing Multi Cream is like an artificial protective barrier, which at the same time acts as a reconstructive mortar, filling and strengthening the skin's natural lipid protection.

You can use Soothing Multi Cream in 3 different ways:

Daily cleaning
Apply to moistened facial skin and décolleté, massage with light circular movements and rinse with water or a soft cloth. Also perfectly suited for cleaning the eye area. Thoroughly cleans make-up and impurities without drying the skin.

Face mask
When your skin feels sensitive and dry, you can also use the cream as a soothing and softening mask for the face and the skin around the eyes. Leave on for 5-15 minutes, rinse with water.

Treatment balm

  • When your skin's protective barrier is significantly weakened and damaged (cracks, burning, peeling and discomfort occur in your skin) for example as a result of atopic dermatitis, dryness or medication
  • Or your skin shows symptoms of rash / perioral dermatitis

You can use the cream during the night as a power-correcting and healing care balm. First, apply a facial cream according to your skin type, for example Restorative Balm (severe dryness) or Dermatitis Cream (rash and perioral dermatitis). After that, apply Soothing Multi Cream as the last step and leave it on overnight. The cream enhances the effect of care products applied underneath and helps rebuild the skin's protective barrier. Use as a course as many evenings until your skin balance is restored.

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