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Article: The versatile possibilities of face oil

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The versatile possibilities of face oil

In addition to the oil base, high-quality face oil contains a high concentration of phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Brilliance Face Oil was developed as a versatile care product that contains the same nutrient-dense effect on skin well-being as a serum.

The green shade of the facial oil is made from cloforyl, i.e. leafy green, which stimulates the ability to absorb oxygen. Plenty of vitamins and antioxidant extracts have been added to the oil, which take care of the well-being and brightness of the skin. You can use Brilliance Face Oil in three different ways.

1. Double-cleansing method

When you use sunscreen or make-up products on your skin, you can clean them most effectively with an oil-based product that dissolves and breaks down the fats, silicones and sun filters contained in the products. With double cleansing, you won't damage the skin's protective barrier either, but you will certainly get the skin and pores cleaned comprehensively. When you start double cleansing the skin and use the method regularly, you will notice a significant difference in the cleanliness, renewal, brightness and elasticity of the skin.

Start cleansing by applying facial oil to dry skin, massage the oil gently and help the oil dissolve make-up products, sunscreen and impurities. Gently massage the T-zone with your fingertips, softening the blackheads. Clean the facial oil with a warm terry towel.

Continue cleansing with a cleansing gel according to your skin type, which completes the cleansing and deeply cleanses the softened blackheads along with it. Rinse the cleansing gel thoroughly. After cleansing, pat or spray facial toner on the skin.

2. Facial massage and Gua Sha

You can perform a nourishing and rejuvenating massage on your skin with facial oil. You can use your hands, a Gua sha spatula or a jade roller for the massage. Perform the massage in the direction of the lymph and with light strokes. During the massage, the facial oil is absorbed by the skin.

3. Skin moisturizing

You can use face oil to bring more softening moisture to your skin. Regular use of facial oil strengthens the skin's lipid protective layer and prevents dry skin from cracking. Always apply the oil as the last treatment product, lightly pressing with your palms on the face, neck and décolleté. Dry skin absorbs facial oil quickly.

You can also mix the oil with a few drops of facial cream if you don't want your skin to feel oily (combination skin, oily skin)


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