BiON Skincare

Oil Free Moisturizing Gel - sample


Light and refreshing gel that restores the natural moisture and hydration balance. Contains natural moisturizing factors, antioxidants and amino acids that help maintain skin purity, fade pigment changes and promote a smooth and supple skin texture. The fast-absorbing oil-free gel composition moisturizes and nourishes the skin without leaving it feeling oily. Can be used as a moisturizing gel serum in combination with face cream or in place of a face cream if the skin is oily.

• Natural moisturizing factor sodium lactate is one of the most effective hydrators, as it is able to increase the skin’s moisture content by up to 84%

• Niacinamide, or vitamin B3, helps to regulate excess sebum production, shrink pores, fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and soothe

• A blend of nine amino acids: proline, leucine and glycine eliminate fine lines
and wrinkles, lysine strengthens the skin’s surface structure and strengthens
its supporting elements, histidine has an antioxidant effect and soothes skin irritations, mannitol has a humectant moisture-binding effect, aspartic acid has an antioxidant and structuring effect, valine plays an important role in the support structure and strength of the skin, alanine plays an important role in the protein function of the skin

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